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GE 40 Watt Reveal Soft White A19 (Case of 48 Bulbs)

GE 40 Watt Reveal Soft White A19 (Case of 48 Bulbs)

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GE 40 Watt Reveal Soft White A19 (48 Pack)

PC: 48687

Are you tired of poor quality LED Bulbs? Bad color? Harsh headache inducing light? RF/EMF on poorly shielded cheap Chinese LEDs? Buzzing, popping, and whines from them? 

They have not manufactured these in years and by the month they are becoming more rare. Sometime, fairly soon, they will disappear entirely. I have stored these in a dry, climate controlled environment so you can buy them today, before they are gone forever.

Guaranteed to be brand new. The quality of light from these is second to none, and once they are gone, they will pass into history and be sorely missed.

"Transform every room in your home from ordinary to extraordinary with GE Lamps 40 Watt Reveal A19 Incandescent Bulbs. Reveal's unique neodymium glass filters out dull, yellow rays, unlike regular soft white bulbs, leaving you with enhanced, vivid surroundings."

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